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About Eclipse Eclipse is a free to use 2D game engine. This game creator makes online mmorpgs. No previous knowledge is necessary becouse Eclipse uses a simple point and click system. If the software does not have the requirements you need you can program it with the source.

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Eclipse Evolution is no longer available thru the owner site. They have moved on to a more advanced rebuild called Eclipse Origin written in a modern language with many improved and added features. Eclipse Evolution is still a valid engine however but not supported by its staff at all. If you want help with the engine you must search old guides online that are getting harder and harder to find. In short its best to try the new Origins release though you will need to be able to edit the source to make any significant changes unlike Evolution where the scripts are external and can be edited with any text editor.


it's a easy and fun way to create a 2d orpg but it's not powerfull and "flexible" enough


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Once upon a time, somebody built a game engine for making MMORPG's. The game engine was easy to use and could make some decent games.
The engine was written in a language called Visual Basic 6, developed by Microsoft.
When the developers ceased the project, countless other projects were made based on the source. These projects live on, even after Visual Basic 6 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Yep, you've read that correct, this is based on a technology that is so extremely old that it can't be bought anymore.

Please, someone write these people a new engine from THIS DECADE.


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