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C3D+ is a multi-purpose programming language based off a well known language called BASIC. At its core, it’s meant for powerful yet very simple video game programming. Featuring a full 3D and 2D suite of commands. If you are yearning to create games, and you don’t want to deal with complicated programming languages such as C++, C3D+ is our solution! Features: Renderer OpenGL Shaders Primitives(Cube, Sphere, Stairs, Cone, Cylinder) Post FX (bloom, depth of field, AO) Advanced Lighting Advanced Shadows Terrains Terrain LOD Built in Occlusion / LOD systems Built in water example Frame buffers (render textures) Scripting: C3D+ comes packed with built-in scripting support, allowing you to call and run a script via code, which is an essential feature for games and custom game engines. The language for scripting will be a custom form of JavaScript, which will push the limits of the standard version to provide a powerful and fluid scripting language..

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