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Quickly create point-and-click games and virtual tours for Windows (native), PSP, iPhone and iPod Touch (web apps)! No programming required - very easy to use! Free edition contains all the main features Includes free drawing tool and music composer

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Simon_ASA says

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I love this engine, it's perfect for beginners or for devs who want to focus on storytelling more than visuals.

Easy to use, flexible, allows to create quickly all kinds of Myst-like games, possibility to add water/smoke animated effects, included 360 panorama plugin, a lot of help provided on the website makes it easy to learn simple lines of code in VisualBasic even for non-programmers (you can also create games without a single line of code!)

Outdated engine, no high resolution supported, slow and sometimes unstable when running games with a lot of features (such as 360┬░ views), not possible to release standalone games (manual installation is a necessity). Additionnally it would seem that there is no more support from the developer?

You understod from my review: despite the cons listed, I really enjoy the time I spend everytime with Adventure Maker, which made it possible to me to create my first commercial game, ASA: A Space Adventure. I'm still using it from time to time!


SunShine® says

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