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Viking Conquest Balance Mod's main version scales travel speeds based on map size compared to real world Britain. If you instead prefer Vanilla Viking Conquest's twice as fast as realistic speeds, download this alternate version.

Viking Conquest Balance Mod 9.0 alternate version
Tim@HoodedHorse Author

One note: As of 9.0 I enabled constructing buildings in towns you don't own.

Manage all settlements allows you to finance the construction of religious buildings, if you want to try to convert people to your religion. However, if the fief is not already fairly strong in your religion and the angry populace destroys it, it is the player who will take a relations hit with the fief (not the owning lord). The effects of most other buildings you build would largely accrue to the benefit of the fief holder. This is useful if you want to aid your fellow lords or vassals in improving their settlements, as you don’t have to keep the fief until you have built everything you want.

Bear in mind AI lords do not construct buildings in their settlements on their own, so it always has to be the player to do the building.

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author

A new VC update was released today and will be automatically downloaded by Steam. You should just reinstall Balance Mod 9.0 after VC updates for now. You will still get any fixes from the update to scenes and such, and the mod will work fine. I will check the module changes from the update once the source code is released, and provide a new version shortly afterwards, but in the meantime everything will work fine to just reinstall the current Balance Mod 9.0 version.

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