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Latest 10.0 release of VC Balance Mod, a saved game compatible comprehensive gameplay, balance, and bugfix mod. Hundreds of improvements, see complete changelogs below.

Viking Conquest Balance Mod 10.0
Viking-AllFather - - 326 comments

Do i need all previous Balance Mods or just to copy-paste or unzip this in my VC 2044 game?

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

You only need this file. Unzip and copy the text files into your Viking Conquest directory, overwriting, and you are ready to play.

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

A new VC update (2.049) was released today, but it introduces a serious bug: Forums.taleworlds.com

I recommend players reinstall Balance Mod 10.0 (the steam/gog automatic update of VC overwrote and removed Balance Mod). Reinstaling Balance Mod will also revert you to VC 2.044 and prevent the bug from the latest update. After the VC developers fix the bug and release their source files, I will integrate the update into Balance Mod and release 11.0, but that may not happen for awhile.

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

VC devs are rolling back to prior version to fix the bug they introduced in yesterday’s patch.

That means Balance Mod players with steam/gog auto updates must once again reinstall Balance Mod 10.0. Sorry about the hassle.

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Guest - - 699,607 comments

I just want to ask, is the author a Chinese, now it is June 12, 2019, there will be follow-up updates or not?

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

Hi! Another update is coming within the next 1-2 weeks, and it will be fully save compatible with games started under prior versions. I am not Chinese, but I speak the language, and you are right that I use my Chinese name (Tingyun) on some forums. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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