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Checksum ZPQS after second startup. Removed the menu tab backgrounds. More bugfixes.

Victoria Universalis v0.52c

Good job! From when i discover this mod, i was playing it constantly whenever i can.

However, as i was playing the game, i noticed some minor things.

-I was playing as Shewa -> Ethiopia and i couldn't reconquer land from Egypt, so i used the focus point in crisis, taking max diplomacy with every great power for that, but the crisis did not happen. Also, i usually see some crisis that last one day without taking proper time to consider it.

-I dunno if this is some error, but some time military goods (cannery and small arms) just happen to be in high demand, even if 10 days before it was fine.

-Is the war score victory for long time still a option to win the war? I refer when no country is attacking the other, but the defender has a plus for time: as long as it passes, better for the defender, even causing white peace for that. Or when you anexxed a country defended by a great power, but then they white peace because of the time, etc.

Btw, great mod, you are constantly updating it, and i appreciate that. Thanks for this.

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Vic1984 Author

Did you disable crisis at the game start? Crises won't happen unless you clicked on the enable crisis decision.

Military goods demand will spike whenever a war is going on or a large nation is building troops.

The AI is more likely to make peace the longer a war goes on, I didn't change that from vanilla.

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I enanos crisis every game i have in the screen.

Yeah, i figured that some runs have it que others not.

My bad this one, i acknowledge that in an Haití run vs Italy.

Thanks for the responde overall!

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