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Checksum OEXJ after 2nd startup. From now on the full changelog will be posted in the description and major changes will be kept in the summary. Major changes: *Re-enabled ability to release individual vassals instead of them all at once. *Settlement colonial policy kills 1% of non accepted pop in colonial states per year. * Re-enabled coring in states that don't have a plurality of accepted POPs but do border a cored province. * Early and middle game naval units add more mil score. * Removed post 1900 pop growth nerfs. * Each national value gives a +5% bonus and -5% bonus to various tech trees. * Raj implodes if its not a GP and not a puppet of the UK. * Spain starts in a civil war with an independent Carlist Spain. * Carlist Spain and Portugal have decisions to recreate their colonial empires. * Increased 1836 pop of Sub Saharan Africa by 50%. * If Israel exists it all the world's jewish pops will migrate to them.

Victoria Universalis v0.52

New content for Spain and Portugal looks amazing!

I think that eventually most nations should have at least one decision with the end-game goal to archieve, like Carlist Spain or Portugal here.

It could be recreation of some old empire, retaking long lost cores etc.

Of course it should be balanced and realistic to some extent, eg:. you could add decision for the Netherlands to take South Africa from the UK (eg. if you are jingoistic GP with Nationalism and Imperialism technology) and then accept the Boers as accepted culture (eg. if you have limited or full citizenship). Or decision for the Boers to accept the Dutch.

For the "Accept the Boers" decision it could look like this:


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