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All the module files and text changes for VC Balance Mod. Use if you want to create a submod or tweak your own version with the VC Tweaks Tool 1.2. These files are in the Tweaks Tool format, so download it first (link in full description below). Then copy the included 13 module files into the Tweaks Tool app directory, overwriting.

Viking Conquest Balance Mod 8.0 source code
Tim@HoodedHorse Author

This file contains all the module files and edits of VC Balance Mod 8.0.

These files are for modders who want to create submods or borrow features, or Balance Mod users who wish to use the amazing VC Tweaks Tool available for download at Taleworlds.

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author

There are a couple of looting fixes in particular that would improve any mod, even if not Viking Conquest related:

a) Fix for the warband kill-order looting glitch, full details at my post (VoicesAncientChina is my reddit username) here: Reddit.com

b) Fix for idle soldiers getting a share of loot during raids of bandit camps

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author

Some instructions for modders wanting to use this to create a submod:

These files are made in the VC Tweaks Tool 1.2 version of the source code: Forums.taleworlds.com

Just copy the Balance Mod module files on top of the VC Tweaks Tool 1.2 module files, overwriting the 13 files that are the same, and then you can use the Tweaks Tool tweaks.ini to configure and the compiler.

If you don't want to use the VC Tweaks Tool versions, you'd have to winmerge in the Balance Mod changes file by file, but the VC Tweaks Tool is great and I highly recommend using it.

Now to explain the 5 included text files:

troops/itemkinds1.txt: Some of the troop changes are in text form because I find morghs an easier interface for those files than the module system.

mission_templates.txt: you should completely ignore--it's just 2 minor tweaks I was too lazy to put into the module system (mainly keeping equipment when caught sneaking in). All the important mission templates changes are in the module_mission_templates.py file, like the Diplomacy horse slowing with damage, the morale changes, etc.

parties.txt: This is Philippe at Bay's Dark Age village names mod. He based his names on Brytenwalda and his own historical research. Drop him a line here if you want to use his village names: Steamcommunity.com

module.ini: This one you might want to use, it corrects physics to real world values, changes armor performance to native warband values, and reduces Spotting range by 50% (to go along with the 50% reduction in party speed in module_scripts.py in the land and sea movement functions, and basically get the VC map scaled correctly to real world Britain)

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