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All the module files and text changes for VC Balance Mod. Use if you want to create a submod or tweak your own version with the VC Tweaks Tool 1.2. These files are in the Tweaks Tool format, so download it first from Taleworlds. Then copy the included module files into the Tweaks Tool app directory, overwriting. Then you can merge the text files included after compiling.

VC Balance Mod 12.0 Module files for creating submods
Tim@HoodedHorse Author

I’m always honored when other modders use parts of Balance Mod in their work. A few mods in early development have let me know they are using Balance Mod:

Chronicles of Dark Ages
Lightwolf’s project to move VC forward in time to the Norman Conquest

Europa 871
Ryantheskinny’s project to expand the world map to cover all of Europe

Salt & Smoke
Transflux’s project to create an 18th century mod

I also welcome any modder to use any of my isolated changes they like. In particular, several modders have integrated Balance Mod’s fix for the warband kill order loot glitch:
including 1429: Hundred Years War and AWOIF.

Finally, if you are interested in following progress with my current project, here is Hooded Horse, my game development company: Hoodedhorse.com

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author

VC Balance Mod 13.0 Changelog part 1 posted on the main mod discussion page
prerelease versions on Discord: Discord.com

Some examples from the changelog:

Tournament weapon selection changed (much better spear for example) and expanded (1.5 handed swords in ireland), and weapon loadouts are now faction specific. Each faction's tournaments should feel unique. There are spear vs sword tournaments, Irish champion sword only tournaments, spear tournaments, no spear tournaments, all different mixes of 1-5 weapons looking to faction flavor. Only 2 factions have ranged weapons in their tournaments (1 mounted no shield javelin, other foot shield javelin), the other 19 factions have no ranged weapons in tournaments. A handful of factions have 100% mounted tournaments (Picts, some britons, some irish), rest are 0% mounted. In doing this change, also fixed a Vanilla VC bug with tournament weapon assignments (it wasn't that noticeable because vanilla VC had all tournaments set the same, with every weapon, but even then the bug was subtly shifting the weapon loadouts to be out of proportion from what was set).

Tournaments now have 50 prizes (up from 4), each with an individually tailored text message for the award. Includes some unique items not otherwise obtainable elsewhere. Tournament prize acquisition tweaked. If you don't get a prize, you get a small extra purse of coins now. Chance of getting an item is slightly smaller (16.6% vs vanilla 20%) to reflect increased quality of some of the nicer items on the list. General moderate tweaks to soldier abilities, loadouts, and economic effects

Integrated vikingr and bersekers into the norse troop tree. Some words of explanation: none of the faction troop trees are a "regular" army, so the norse troops should be capable of "going viking." Introduces interesting choices for player, as the viking upgrades often offer quite a lot of immediate return of combat ability, as well as a better (2x compared to 1x) ship speed boost, and potential for slightly lower wages for a low honor player (standard wages for normal player), but poor long term potential, as they have high levels relative to their counterparts, and warband XP to upgrade is calculated by unit upgrading from, not unit upgrading to, as well as generally having worse upgrades available to them (namely, a choice between a berserker path, which is better offensively, or a ship captain upgrade, which has solid armor and gives an amazing 4x sailing boost)

Added special bodyguards to over 30 lords (Harald Fairhair gets berserkers, Alfred the Great gets elite saxon spearmen, Ubba gets elite vikingr, etc)

4 Norse gods (Freyja, Odin, Thor, and Loki) can very rarely visit you after a tournament victory. Each raises a different attribute point by 1. (note, Odin also appears to grant an item, when he does that, he does not raise attributes)

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