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Complete Edition release of Act I+ and Act II+, which introduces improvements in gameplay and graphics from Act III, as well as an enhanced story. A perfect way for newcomers to the series to jump in.

Vacant Sky Complete Edition: Act II+

Just want to post this for anyone who may encounter a certain crash bug.
At a certain point in the game, Ray can learn the special ability 'Stormpike' (which is an exception -- aka limit break) from an item obtained from a chest.

In the current build of the game, any use of this 'Stormpike' ability causes the game to crash with an error message about a 'NoMethod' exception or similar error.

So don't use Stormpike. Better yet, don't even learn it so you won't be tempted to use it. Keep the item and just don't teach it to Ray at all.

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For anyone who is wondering why Act 3+ is taking so long, I may have a tiny bit of insight.
After having the privilege of glancing through the actual coding for VS:C, I have to admire the impressive work that was done to make everything fit together and actually work.

On the reddit, it was mentioned how the coding was very old and kludged together by duct tape and prayers. After looking at it myself, I can understand how true this metaphor really is. Some of the scripting involved with the 'Stormpike exception' ties into something involving summoning monsters (like from Final Fantasy?) and tying that in with various animations and graphics.

RPGMaker is to blame. Basically, if I globally-edit something (like the animation for Stormpike), that edit is 'undone' as soon as I load a save file.

SAY WHAT!? Yes. Really. RPGMaker is utter garbage for professional game development. It is only good as a hobbyist tool and so severely limited in other ways that those who use it in any meaningful fashion (like for the VS:C game) have to use script-hacks and workarounds to kludge it together into something that works 99% of the time. But when a bug comes through and is even identified, the limitations of RPGMaker make it nearly impossible to fix.

I can fix it, but it involves going back into Act 1+ and making the changes there, then playing through it (again), then making the same changes in Act 2+, importing my save file, hoping nothing breaks, and hoping it actually keeps my changes intact.

Nope, no thanks. Just don't use Stormpike. >_>

TLDR: Old kludged poorly-documented custom scripting and code from years ago makes it a hassle to edit anything. RPGMaker is terrible for making games for one simple reason. It is a complete crapshoot when it comes to playtesting long/complex games.

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The ability of a game designer to playtest a build of their game from a save file and/or a specific point in the game AT ANY TIME with IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK is something that should be considered in any game engines or design tools.

To lack this 'feature' is a terrible disgrace to all budding game designers. Might as well go back to learning C++

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Personally, I'm tired of waiting for Act 3+ so I'll be playing the 'old' 3-act complete game and then playing the new 'Complete Edition' once it is actually complete. :)

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