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Version 1.0 was made after Battleforges Video of Version 0.9. And this time Version 1.1 was made after TinyyTonyy's Video of Version 1.0. I also finally properly exported all SL textures, so I was able to do much more with that!

V1.1 SCP Containment Breach of the Secret Laboratory

Also are the map gen bugs fixable? In my playthrough of v1.0 i got to 079 and once i entered its little chamber it instead it just decided to show another room just above 079's.

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0JP1 Author

There should be no additional map gen bugs in this mod sicne there was no programming, if it only happened once or even twice it's definetly bad luck from the og generation.
The Original game was always and still somewhat is ever so buggy, I personally can't do much about that, I can only hope your next seed won't be that bad.

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okay, thanks for help

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