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Two Ends has received a bit of fine-tuning, and overall just more work put into it. Most notable changes are new flags, the Mughal Empire, colonial nations, and a decision to reform the Ottoman Empire.

Two Ends v.0.1.5

Quil Here (leader of Prussia-Bavaria) - My nation is obv the best lol lmao ;)

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Hurray, I guess I contributed this mod with my comment on the post colonial nations, Also is Maine the Thirteenth Colony here instead of Georgia?

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AgentTine Author

I actually didn't see this, and since I've been busy lately, I've been neglecting to work on this mod, but historically, Maine was actually a part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and was considered part of that colony rather than their own thing. Georgia as an official colony didn't come into being until 1732, and since Britain was in a tumultuous state due to many events occurring on their island, I figured that several of their colonial expansion plans would've been delayed. However, I do think that having a bit of variation with the "Thirteen Colonies" name and changing which colony would be the 13th (or 14th) would be a pretty interesting idea.

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