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Just a silly game I made, point and click Trumps head to earn points. This game has no end, don't even try. I'll give you the typical overhyped summary that most people look for: This game has next gen graphics, the largest sprite of which is 64x64 pixels. Doubt your rig could run this beast, only for hardcore gamers who want to challenge their machine to run a shitty game at 60 FPS without question. Now with extra Bing Bong immersion technology. "The game of the century..." -probably no one "Truly remarkable..." -someone you've never heard of "Honestly a piece of shit." -The Game Developer Try and guess which one of these reviews is real, bet you can't. So challenge yourself, and post your screenshot, how many points can you get in this exercise of Trump themed triviality?

Trump's Taco Run
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