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Triple Wars consists in three types of arcade games, tank hunting game, a plane Bullet Hell or Danmaku and finaly a submarine hunting game. We plan on make three scenarios for each type of games. So there will be 9 levels to play plus we are building a level editor. There will be also a multi-player mode over the net and local network. By merging the three types of game play we can create a full story of warship between three clans: The Monstrum, the Animi and the Angelus. These guys will fight over and over to get the so desired resources-full island in the middle of the war map. Each clan has three heroes, one in each type of games. Their quest is victory over the other countries. This game is story-driven for the one-player mode. In multiplayer mode we hope to develop a great community that makes levels and contribute to the fun factor of the game.

Triple Wars Demo Version
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