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This is the biggest patch yet (~400 MB) and brings the most improvements. For once, the races now have a more distinct gameplay flavor. Knights have more types of cavalry, daemons only need a portal between the two planes of existence to instantly teleport onto the battlefield, dwarves can make their buildings very strong by crowding them as much as possible, the plaguelords can only expand their territory along with the disease, primitives can no longer repair buildings, but receive a resource bonus on rampaging enemy ones, etc. Secondly, a full new chapter is available for testing. The undead campaign, featuring Duskshroud as main hero, brings many new features into play (including text-based quests/minigames). Graphical improvements are not missing from this patch: new terrain tiles and features are available for all to use in the more flexible, bug-ridden, in-game editor. A big portion of the update was directed to bug fixes.

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