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The game is a mix between point and click, RPG and Exploration Story:The story takes place in the Geometric World.Every time the TopShape died he is reborn into a different shape.The Topshape can transform into anything alive. But first he need "the move catalog", the "Capture" move and to remember who he is. Demo:The demo takes place on SquareIsland, where the Square tribe lives.From there, you need to complete different quest to prove to everyone, that you are the TopShape. Combat:The combat system is where I need feedback the most. I tried to make a turn based combat that is Interactive (paper mario style). There a lot to be done, but the demo gives a really good idea the next thing I want to add is status effect. Music:Need Someone to add music to my game I am willing to pay, if you are interested let me know Ps: My English is far from perfect so let me know if you don't understand something. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Topshape Demo Version Alpha6.9
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