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RWoM v2.5.0.7 update New: o Added a mod extension for traits that allows the trait to influence magic stats - courtesy of Fenec250 Tweaks: o Enchantment displays for might and magic are consolidated by type but will account and display variances between values o Reduced movement penalty induced by various ice magic o Improved graphics for Icebolt, deathbolt, cleave, magic missile, poison and shadowbolt - courtesy of Kasmex Forever Bug fixes: o Fixed a bug that could invalidate/corrupt a save if certain abilities (dust devil) were active when the game was saved o Dispel weapon enchantments will correctly dispel all enchantments o Necromancer will always learn deathbolt when promoted to lich o ShadowCall and ShadowStep will initialize after a load for custom classes when soul bond is active

TMagic v2.5.0.7
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