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New: o Geomancers (and chaos mages) gain access to "shatter sentinel" ability - this spell causes all sentinels maintained by the mage to burst, sending stone fragments flying in every direction Tweaks: o Rainmaker will always clear thunderstorms o Cooldown reduction is capped at 25% of base cooldown o Reduced stuff cost of Magic Circle o Pawn Max Energy is now saved; energy levels no longer reset to default levels prior to going through initial evaluations o Death Bolt will only bounce off a wall once Bug fixes: o Mentor might and magic will work as expected for wayfarer and wanderer classes o Fixed enchantment display for pawn's with access to both might and magic o Blink and Phase Strike will choose the correct target to blink to when performing refueling, rearming, and fermenting jobs

TMagic v2.3.8.2
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