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v2.2.5.2 - Blink and Phase strike will retain their assigned jobs after an autocast - Spell mending autocast will trigger only when at least one apparel item on a pawn is below 50% - Druids regrowth surgery work giver will now only assign the job to a druid with regrowth and sufficient mana - Psionic augmentation use gives more xp - Enchanting items now grants xp - Setting portal destinations or charging a portal now grants xp - Greater minions carry capacity was boosted and movement speed increased by 10% - Staff of Blazing Power and Staff of the Defender attacks no longer shake the screen - Might users will correctly benefit from xp gain, cooldown reduction, and stamina cost reduction enchantments - Teleporters (Arcanist spell) should work as expected when also using the Third Age mod

TMagic B19 v2 2 5 2
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