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Priest spell "purify" applies to animals and has an increased range Updated descriptions for several psionic abilities to note upgrade costs Psionic ability "Augmented Mind" will not target friendly visitors Cloaks have been moved to a distinct apparel category and no longer compete for space with other armor types; cloaks will always be drawn on top of other armor types Tweaked Geomancer trait: decreased melee dodge chance but improved mining speed and yield Summoned creatures such as elementals, demons, sentinels, minion or poppi will be destroyed if spawned outside of their intended methods Bladedancer ability "Phase Strike" can be set to autocast and will function in undrafted mode similar to "blink" Improved soulbond checking and recovery Increased rate might users gain xp through skill use and passive learning to be more inline with magic xp gain Casual magic and might interactions will typically result in more xp gain Fixed ranger "animal friend" messaging

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