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Version 0_0_0_4 adds new weapons, a safe house, bug fixes, and some other gameplay changes. Read more for the full change list.

Through the Dead City - Alpha 0_0_0_4
etxrase - - 103 comments

a lot of fun :D

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togoaway - - 59 comments

Awesome was waiting for this update :D

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HellsArmy141 - - 16 comments

Great game, A huge amount of fun, Some co-op would be awesome if you have the power to make it happen ;)

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skullkan6 - - 334 comments

Have you fixed the problem of the zombies disappearing when there is a large number of them onscreen?

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NeverAutomatic Author
NeverAutomatic - - 50 comments

Yep, if you click "Read More" in the description above, you can see a full list of the changes and fixes. :)

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Guest - - 699,314 comments

I'd like to test the game. At first I got a crash on launching it. Then I realized that the game uses Microsoft.Xna.Framework. Installed this framework.. But now I'm getting an error message on start: "No suitable graphics card found. Could not find a Direct3D device that supports the XNA HiDef profile. Verify that a suitable graphics device is installed..."
The same problem on my netbook. Does this game require a modern video card?? Like new 3d shooters )). My card is ati radeon x1600

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NeverAutomatic Author
NeverAutomatic - - 50 comments

ah yeah, I've just noticed that the "HiDef" profile is on by default. I can probably switch it down without any trouble as the game doesn't use any fancy 3D or shaders.

So unfortunately, it's not something you can fix on your end right now, but you should be able to play the next alpha. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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adamozo12 - - 5 comments

Its really Fantastic!!!! I hope some day you will do multiplayer patch it would be cool. TRACKING!!!

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