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You can now save your game. You can obviously also load that game save and continue playing from where you left off. Running consumes less energy. shooting now consumes energy (just enough to stop it from regenerating). Health regenerates at half speed when you aren’t full on energy. I’ve removed the on screen frame rate counter. The music no longer plays improperly slow in the Wii version. The performance has improved in the Windows version.

They Do Not Die v1.0 – Windows Edition
XManXHunterX - - 97 comments

wat happen everything circle looks like in low quality settings
wat happen to the smooth texture

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ThatOtherPerson Author
ThatOtherPerson - - 30 comments

It was the compromise I had to make at the time to get it running on Wii. I scrapped what I had done and remade it all with software rendering. The sequel will look better.

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Gnodab - - 9 comments

I wanna see a mulitplayer version, (LAN or SS) that would blow my little mind as well as my brothers.
Keep it cool and simple, if you make the zombies look like zombies i will refuse to play. ( i dont support "Zombie shooter" and nether should you!
I like that car idea, Maybe give the players an ability to block doors or hallways, change the thickness of your walls.... im talking rubbish this game is Epic, chuck a SS (Split screen Coop gmaemode) in there and i will post my 99 999 999 High score as my Avatar!

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ThatOtherPerson Author
ThatOtherPerson - - 30 comments

I have zero experience with programing networked multi player. But it is definitely something I'm interested in trying. In the meantime if you have a homebrew enabled Wii you can play single screen co-op with two to four players.

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