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Are you ready to laugh along to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time? Well, what the barnacle are you waiting for! download The Story Of Maple Hilarious Game For Nerds today! Trust me! You will not be disappointed! This game is so funny you will end up laughing so hard you sound like SpongeBob would after hearing a fart joke! The Story Of Maple is a hilarious unique game about an evil serial killer cat who was summoned by two nerds from the underground. Why you may ask? Because they were bored and felt the need to to troll some humans above. Both Dude and Dude are massive Weeaboos, 'Minecraft' fans, and 'Undertale' players who tend to make fun of obsessive fan-bases quite a bit. (Unintentionally) If you are looking for some good old slapstick humor that will leave you laughing so hard that your stomach turns into an octopus and starts eating people, you must check out this game! The story of maple is a story that makes fun of pretty much everything (including itself

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