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New demo of The Catalyst available adding some new features. New airframe available. The stock bi-plane can now be traded in for large tri-plane designed for carrying large amounts of cargo. The cargo orientated 'Bullmai' can be purchased through the Hangar, along side the aircraft upgrades. Collisions, running out of fuel and being shot down now displays a "Game Over" screen showing a small summary how how long you survive and how many kills your made. Player can now create their own unique aircraft ID for a fee. It must take the form of XX-XXX where X can be alphanumeric. Damage incurred in flight now affects player and enemy speed such that the maximum damage restricts maximum speed to 50%. The maximum fuel capacity of the airframe is now displayed on hangar screen. The maximum amount of airframe damage and fuel can be selected based on available cash and capacity using right-click, similar to how maximum stock selection works.

The Catalyst [r003]
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