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a texture conversion program made by "baker" from the quakeone.com and inside3d communities. Takes high resolution textures (Quake3 for example) and scales down 50%, sizes to them power of 2 (GLQuake only supports power of 2 textures) and makes 3 sets available: 1. 24-bit color versions 2. Quake paletted versions 3. Half-Life style: 256 color independent palette Renames all textures to max length 15 because WAD2 and WAD3 only allow 15 characters in a texture name. Stores a log of those renames in a tab delimited file. Supports using some other palette instead of the Quake palette, like say the X-Men Ravages of Apocalypse palette. Palette must be in JASC-PAL v 0100 format ... the palette format used by Paintshop Pro.

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