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Small game to test game mechanics. Early works yet, I'm wondering if I should scrap this and move on to a better project a friend of mine has suggested. Feel free to download but I will not be updating this. The AI model doesn't belong to me although I have authorisation to use it in my games, I didn't create it. This is not a Slender game, the pages might suggest so but I implemented the script so I could modify it. The pages will be replaced with key objects and I'll make my own modifications to the script. The maze, asteroid stairs and such are created by myself in Google Sketchup. I understand the models and the game itself look rather poor, try not to criticise as this is my first project and I'm most likely scrapping it. Mechanics: -Particle Effects -Multiple Active Triggers System -Lighting -Rendering -Shadows -Ambiance & Fog

Test Build - Mechanics
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