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== v1.1 CHANGELIST (Sept. 13) ==== - Added a "mute music" button on the title screen - Enemies can only block in the direction they are facing. Try pushing them into spikes! - Hammer-wielding giants can no longer be stunned - Gamepad support added to singleplayer (oops!) - Font for in-scene text changed to a more legible one - Tutorial more effectively teaches how Wrath works (the red skull) and how to perform a counter - Gold indicator moved to the top of the screen - Tweaked mouse controls during combo attacks a little - Fixed: dodging with the Claymore or Tyrfing could cause a permanent speed adjustment - Fixed: the Wrath meter was in a strange position at higher resolutions - Fixed: clicking or holding attack while attacking would make you suddenly change direction

SWOOOORDS! 1.1 (Mac)
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