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OPEN DOOR SYNDROME You ever wonder how the previous raiders looted the cabinets and left them open but for you they stayed closed. WELL not no more. This mod makes all objects that have a open version to them become open state once you have looted them. Loot a microwave bam it is now open. Loot a fridge BAM it Is now open. You get the drift. More to follow and if you notice i have missed some feel free to let me know about. ****WARNING***** Disregard yellow text that can be seen in the console - Those warnings are nothing important. Just means there is a repeating cycle of down / upgrades. x goes to y goes to z goes to x. COMPATIBLE WITH - LOCK PICKING ADDITIONS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH - A STALLIONSDENS OPENDOOR SYNDROME WITH RESPAWN AND LOCK PICKING ADDITIONS **WARNING - May not work with close those darn doors altho I don't see why not ones upgrade ones downgrade. Haven't tested **

Stallionsdens Open Door Syndrome With Respawn
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