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The second demo of SONAR, containing 2 Levels and nearly every single gameplay element.

SONAR second demo

Apparently ALL the downloads have been blocked, ModDB claims them to be virus downloads...

Would`ve been an awesome game to play, my name and all (check it; I came before this game ^^). Maybe I'll find alternate download links somewhere.

Worst case scenario is that it's an actual virus :(

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jimslade Author

There don't seem to be a problem using indiedb ;)

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Just played your demo. I like the minimalistic feel of the game and the sound effects. Is the game world randomly generated?

Reading your advice about gameplay it still seems a little too hard. I used a rock to distract the creature and it worked, i remained stationary as not to make a noise, i was behind a wall but it still found me within seconds.

I like the concept, but seems a little "too" hard. I would find a game like this more frustrating than rewarding for being hard and getting any joy out of beating the game (which of course some players like that kind of game.)

Running away and hide, seems to only attract other creatures or that you run into them. Making sound is bad right. I found that i would enter into a cross wave of scream emits making it difficult to determine where they originate from and not being able to see where you are running to. I get that is the point of tension and using your sonar, closed in etc. But it seems a bit random in the sense death can be badluck alot of the time.

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Some suggestions: In several parts because of character limit.

Part 1.
I suggest having a sneak button where you walk slowly, and have the creatures move more slowly also until they lock onto a target. Maybe they remain still after running up to the source of noise for a little bit and then do not move far from that area unless its emits picks something else up. They seem to find you too easily, even if stationary.

I think the sonar range should be a little wider giving the player more choice of which direction to take and if detecting creatures, giving the player room to breath a little. I get the horror/tension gameplay of not seeing alot etc. But dying a lot is not fun either.
Perhaps the Sonar has a battery life, and you can set the beam range.
The wider the more power it consumes.

As someone else mentioned, being able to set traps would be fun, either timer traps that emit a loud sound (eg. Glass or some alien object (Maybe you have to collect a number of these before it can be make into a sound trap) that makes a popping sound when stood on or a trap that kills, or combing/placing them next to one another, one to attract the creature the other to kill it. But perhaps the dying creature alerts others with its death cry.

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These creatures when killed could have something you can collect something from it, as mentioned. But other stuff could be added to the game too. A looting system would give it more depth. They could for example also drop some sort of glow blob, which player can use as markers sort of like bread crumbs marking an area they have already explored..

A torch with limited battery power in it could be found, adding mystery as to how it got there. And the torch could be a weapon like Alone in the dark. But instead of killing it could cause them to flee.
This could be used only when you are about to die. This could open up
finding objects that reveal more of a storyline (if there is one) or if not, what if some other team has been there before and have dropped equipment where they died. That they found something amazing, player learns from voice recordings/text bits of their findings or perhaps hears their voices in her head.

What if the player found a tape recorder that has a recording of a creature scream, which can be another means to fool the creatures but have some sort of penalty for using it, such as it fools the creature nearby but might attract another further away into the area. But only using it when you really need to. A unfolding storyline will keep the player progressing, beyond just trying to escape.

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Part 3

Will there be other creatures with different weaknesses, Different scream sounds too? maybe finding corpses of these different creatures, the sprite/icon for the creature ingame will change so you will know which one it is for gameplay sake when they show up on the sonar.

Perhaps some of these creatures are natural enemies to others and the player can learn tricks to take advantage of that. This would open the game up more for exploration, expanding the world through a storyline and more options to kill, avoid creatures. Battery life for some devices as mentioned could be another thing one has to collect (corpses of dead humans found along the way).

Alternatively instead of a TapeRecorder with creature screams on it, what about later on the player being able to modify the sonar somehow
so it can spoof sounds or project sounds of creatures to a given area.
Once player learns more about the different creatures and which are enemies, they can use the sonar to scare off some, and lure some to their enemies. The sonar will automatically record a new sound, which player can select at will to project/emit.

Just some thoughts. Although i think these will be wiped after five minutes because you cant have multiple posts.

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