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WELCOME as you know my names is Crusty and this is my FIRST EVER GAME that i will be updating regulaly so stay tuned for more to come first attempt is mainly to test my java scripts welcome my name is crustytoeman i recently started using unity3d to create games and also learn how to use JAVAscript i am certainly still learning and there is ALOT to add to this game Game Infomation Setting ---------------------- you are sir rufus the gentleman the local sir and drug addict. you recently took an unknown drug that is later to become known as "BatShitCrazyJuice". this game in-tales the journey through rufus's mind as he tries to escape this hell Current Download is Pre Alpha and simply an engine test to see if certain aspects work. INCLUDED - Basic Level Design ( alot of level desigh work is underway this is only VERY basic) - One map "Rufus's trip - no scripted end to the game (working on it) - music - Main Menu!! Stay tuned for more information about my progress with this game

Sir.Rufus the gentleman Pre Alpha v.1.1
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