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Her name is Shotgun, and she has a... SHOTGUN! Are you ready for this challenging, fast paced, and violent NES inspired sidescroller? CONTROLS: Left/Right Arrow Keys - Move left and right Up/Down Arrow Keys - Go through doors Space - Shoot You start with two shells - pick up additional shells for more ammo! Careful - you can only take so much damage before your armor is destroyed! Pop those blue pills on the ground to regain health! ABOUT: Kingsio Games presents "SHOTGUN" - a fast paced sidescroller inspired by NES games. It's the first in a series inspired by exploitation and grindhouse classics from the 70s and 80s. The player takes control of a desperate vigilante who must utilize her trusty shotgun to blast a bloody path through a ruthless gang's hideout in order to rescue her kidnapped son. You must possess fast reflexes to gun down t

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