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-Added the first wave of Massive rebellions events for FRA and ENG, that will release all colony countries over time. -Added 2 start events. -3 new songs -1 sound when order a robotic unit to move. -Added hoi 4 main theme as separate track.(was replaced by shinra corp theme) -10 new techs on shinra tab also more works on it. -Added 6 new equipments for the shinra units. -Added 3 shinra exclusive units: shinra para-military , Sweeper Robots and Robo scorpions. -Added unlockable pre-set division for new units. -Added new resource, Materia, obtainable from a new building Mako reactor. required for all new units. -Custom division icons/counters for robotic units. -Added 2 new ideas.(wip stats for future units) -Modified Hojo traits. -Removed the Chinese united front event that isolated shinra vs china vs japan. (will be revised in future to make all small chinese states go war with japan but not being annexed to china.)

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