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0.2.5 : SHINRA country: -3 new events. -Added leaders for each ideology, in case you change gov. -Added descriptions to shinra leaders. -further modifications of shinra focus tree. -4 new naval spirits obtainable by focus. -1 new music track. -Further work on shinra tech tab. -Retextured models for shinra infantry,cavalry,marines,paratroops,mountaineers and the 3 tanks types. -Added missing level 3 weapons model upgrade, so your soldiers will get mgs when reaching infantry weapons 3. -3 exclusive sub units shinra mountanieers, shinra marines, and shinra paratroopers, only buildable by shinra, they are a little better and cost more than their vanilla counterparts . Others: -4 new news events.

Shinra Rising  0.2.5  FULL VERSION
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