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Includes a large amount of changes to textures relating to the pocket dimension, 860-1 dimension, and the 1499 dimension. The changes are everything from NPC textures, map textures, map normal maps, item textures, to even some skybox texture improvements.

SCP - Containment Breach (Graphics Overhaul Mod) [v1.0.6]

I have a 1680 by 1050 moniter and I mostly play on borderless windowed, the textures seem to look worse than normal. (VRAM textures off, brightness 125)

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GraphicsOverhaulOrg Author

One thing to check is if your texture lod setting is set to -0.8 (all the way to the right).

Additionally, many of the textures in this version are outdated and have been improved greatly in more recent versions. This is especially true if you have bump mapping enabled since the implementation in cb is fairly weird and unpredictable and we didn't have it full figured out in this version.

I'd recommend looking at the more recent versions and see if you're still having the same issues. (For reference we test at 1080p, borderless windowed, VRAM textures off, 100 brightness, texture lod maxed, and we also test with bump mapping disabled and enabled).

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