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Installing: I have tested on 64-bit (Kubuntu) and 32-bit (KXStudio), and have provided a binary for both, so it should work, if you are lucky :-) If you need to compile it, remember to install sdl-image-dev and sdl-mixer-dev first then open a terminal, cd into the src dir and run the following: make && make install * if you want to place it somewhere else than in your home-dir, you have to update the file sabicube_unix line 12. so if you place it in /home/myawesomegame, the line should read: SAUER_OPTIONS="-q${HOME}/myawesomegame"

SabiCube alpha2

so nice

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sandsound Author

Thank you :-)

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As one who has contributed with only minor input, I must say there are some really nice improvements from alpha 1 to 2, and some really nice changes to Cube2 to include more action/RPG like elements.

You can do a lot with this mod now that you can't with Cube2, like trade and use inventory and interact with NPCs and objects.

It is very easy to try most of the features, by just playing the included game, that has some pretty good elements too.

Thanks for sharing. ;)

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