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Rumbling Roller is a game about a platforming marble that is stuck in 2d space within a 3d realm. Obviously the blue snowy marble is frustrated beyond that of a cube trying to penetrate a circular hole. This game takes platforming to a whole new level of fun. I use simple gamplay elements to make fun challenges. Each and every of the 20 levels have a unique gameplay challenge that you must master in order to claim the prize of completion without a physical reward. This game unlike any other has no standard "start" or "end" to the game nor does it have a reward system. It is designed to be fun in it's most pure form; as the only reward for winning anything is winning. Each level is designed to be harder than the last resulting in a "noob-pro" friendly environment. Rumbling Roller is not just a game; in fact it is more of a simple challenge. It is me challenging you to beat the game without me being forced to dangle a carrot in under your nose. Good luck and game on!

Rumbling Roller
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