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Ruby: A RWBY Fangame 0.4.2 Released! Contains tons of content! Read more below: In Version 0.4.2: -Arcade Mode: Play through 35 preset waves, against 10 unique enemies as you tour locations across Remnant. -Control Mode: Set your control preferences. -GRIMM Notes: Information on all enemies of the game. -Enemies: Beowolf, Alpha Beowolf, Slug, Lancer, Balrog, Geist, Nevermore, Atlas Paladin Mech (possessed by Geist), Deathstalker (mini), Deathstalker (large) -Cinder Fall as a reoccurring enemy huntsmen. -Items: Bullets - Regular, Ice, Fire, and Electric Aura Potions - Restores Ruby and Weiss Aura Stamina Drops - Restores a little bit of Stamina In game music: From Scott Buckley (www.scottbuckley.com.au)

Ruby a RWBY Fangame 042 Install
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