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Rise of Khergits II last version download. Special Thanks Tatari_Okan - model and ideas Nart Of Pickles - Thanks Fugi - Voices and ideas jpog_tr - some scene edits NODKRM - some scene edits Dread_Shadow - models KON_Air - For helps... Valthord - Trailer Oblivion-Forgetten shields mod For Black Khergit Guard Helmets Ganbat Badamkhand - Rise Of Khergits Concept Art (thanks ver much for let me use to him drawings) Thanks: luigi Rosha Necati Antifiriz Valavaukar Nemerius KursadAltug Exorcist Bismark dejawolf KON_Air Berserker Pride Jinnai Chel Rubik SPQR ealabor

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