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The story of Joshua continues as his homeland, Rionon decides to take its vengeance for his destruction of the Stone Statue. The members of Pax Christi are either killed or captured for a date with the wolves in the Urusalim Arena as those escaping flee to the unknown nation of Yahudia, almost 100 miles to the south. Can Joshua and his mentor, Phillip survive as refugees in an allegedly hostile land? Picking up 5 years after Rionon 1 left off, The Great Persecution continues to draw inspiration from the Biblical book of Acts and features a new battle engine, creative weaponry, and a wealth of mystery. Can you spread the Gospel to people who desperately need it, stay honest despite the temptation around you, return home to rescue your brothers and sisters, and find a lost group of sailors? New puzzles and minigames await, as do the enemies of all that is good. Will you do the right thing, or give in to the quick and easy method of victory?

Rionon 2: 16 bit SNES - Style
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