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Changed description, title and nerfed some perks down because all temporary perks are removed in order to make endless gameplay more fun. -New Perk Time Mastery, Reusable - Slow Down Enemies -New Perk Toughness, Reusable - Increases your Maximum Health Per Level Up by 10% -New Perk Enchant Healing Ring - Enchant a healing ring that heals you at any time -Ignore Wound made Reusable with 3% dodge chance per perk level and renamed to Agility. -Changed Scholar from increase value to multiply value, meaning it will increase the total gain of exp, in other words, you picked brawler, you get 300% exp, before if you picked Scholar it will be 300%+25% = 325%, but now (nerfed the value to 10%) it will be 300% * 10% = 330% -Removed.....

Reusable Perks and Stats 201212
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