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Sorry guys, I was a bit late putting thing up, we had some difficulties with the deployment package. Anyway, this should install right over the top, just like the last one. (Also, the ladders are a bit glitchy) This is currently for Windows only.

Rathguarde - Alpha 4

I've just downloaded the latest alpha. The artwork is really nice and I really like the design of the interface. The only thing that didn't convince me entirely is the jump physics, they're a bit awkward.

Anyway, nice game and please keep updating :)

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BaronVengeous Author

Thanks :)

We're planning on setting up all the real physics in Alpha 6 :)

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I just tested the alpha 4 and, not used to play crafting games, i don't get the goal of the game. Not that it's not good, far from that, it's just i don't get the fun.

Otherwise, the simple and chaotic mood of the game is nice. We get into it easily tahks to color tones. I want to see more and to discover the world. But, i think that the destruction of blocks requieres too much clicks (6) and should be down (to 3 or less) because this made my envy to quit the game bigger than stay to discover.

I hope you could make a tutorial in-game to explain what to do to craft (i don't play minecraft or terraria then i don't know).

I wait to see new features !
Remember, my critics are sincere to allows you to improve ^^.

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