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Alpha 3 is here! If you've already got Alpha 1 or 2, you may have to uninstall them first. If this is you're first time with Rathguarde, just go ahead and install! Also, the crafting system is still highly experimental, so all the fixes/more crafting stuff should be up in Alpha 4 (Within the next week hopefully) NOTE: This is currently for Windows only.

Rathguarde - Alpha 3
Ushiri - - 262 comments

When will there be a ingame video?

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Germanunkol - - 153 comments

I agree, a video would be nice! If you don't own Fraps, I heard bandicam is supposed to work well... they have a free version.
Also, great idea for the Preview Image :)

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BaronVengeous Author
BaronVengeous - - 57 comments

ok guys, I'll get on to the videos. I'll throw them up within the week, when i have time. I'll do videos for all the versions currently available (Alphas 1,2,and 3). I'll put them up some time soon :)

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Worthless_Bums - - 85 comments

Yoink. Greenlight is today but I'll take it for a spin this weekend :)

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