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This is the Pre alpha code of the very buggy version of past summer converted to XNA rendering. The game library itself was hardly changed. Had this sitting on my HDD for 2 months now. Since I am now working on getting a working playable prototype done, this has not been further worked on. It still has some bugs (like some orbital positions being incorrectly calculated) but the big idea is working. w a s d can be used to move the camera. q and e for zooming. Esc to quit the game gently. As you can also see, the artwork hasn't changed anything. The background code neither. Only a few minor adjustments to make it handle XNA data types. I hope to be able to showcase a real prototype by july. Health issues are restricting me currently. Report any bugs of this code in the comments section of this. It /should/ be compatible with Monogame, as that was used to test it. It should make it able to run on windows, macs and linux.

Pre alpha code converted to XNA
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