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Soldat: "But Kommandant, What if they are ALL charging at me? This Kar-98k just won't cut it!" Kommandant: "Ah yes, I see... good point. Glad you brought this to my attention, I'll request a transfer of arms from the fatherland by tonight." *4 days later*: RA TA TA TA TA TA TA TA T- You get the point.. Similar to the MP40 guards variable, this one also completely un-balances the game for escape mode players and causes much chaos in the stalag, but as usual, the quench for chaos in POW Reinstated is more chaos. This mod equips all Soldats "Armed Guards" with the MP40 SMG's, long gone are the days of "Pop! cla-click-ka-clack" from their standard issue K98. IMPORTANT NOTES This mod WILL conflict with the "MG42 Soldat" mod variable, Please choose one or the other Please place this above POW Reinstated in the mod load order for it to work correctly.

[REDUNDANT] POW MP40 Soldats Variable
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