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Ah, As if mid-40's war prison life wasn't hard enough, The stalag's got a new shipment from the fatherland and all the soldats are eager to try out their latest toys! Mind you it doesn't do much damage... But it more than makes up for it with it's incredible rate of fire as well as the high capacity ammo belt! This POW Reinstated Mod Variable adds a new weapon! The "MG42 Belt-Fed", that will be equipped to Armed Guards (Soldats). You'd imagine this would probably un-balance the game, The simple answer is yes. It certainly does, and it's incredibly fun to use in escape mode if you can manage to get your hands on one and survive. IMPORTANT NOTES This mod WILL conflict with the MP40 Guards mod variable, Please choose one or the other Please place this above POW Reinstated in the mod load order for it to work correctly.

[REDUNDANT] POW MG42 Soldats Variable
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