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PONGVersion 1.0 Hit the Ball, duh... SUMMARY: OK, right, uh there are 2 modes, 4 and 2 player.... The cool thing is the ball has a mind of its own, it can literally stop and turn around, its cool. You hit the ball and it turns your color, and if it goes out (no matter what side), you score a point, which is good. The point system is pretty simple, get a point and the number on the left for your paddle goes up, get 5 of those and you get a win, and the right number goes up one and the left goes back to 0. Regular balls score 1, big balls score 2. I think there are 5 random events that randomly happen (you can also trigger them manually by hitting the designated Function key, but that is cheating so you should only do that for fun) they include...

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