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CHANGELOG: Changes in v.0.1.5b - Shotgun damage increased from 5,8 to 10,16 in order to compensate for T2 and T3 enemy life drain - Shotgun range reduced by 1 tile - Shotgun knockback effect applies only on enemies near the player (maximum of 3 tiles away) - Flamethrower burns enemies no further then 3 tiles away - FreezeRay cost increased to 8AP (1 fire / turn) - Rifle cost increased to 4 AP, from 3 previously - Tier3 attack animation slowed down - Added enemy speed stat. Based on their tiers, enemies can now move 1 tile per turn or a maximum of 2 tiles. No more enemies leaping from great distances. Bug Fixes: - Fixed crash on selecting item/weapon/painting when changing states - Fixed bug with door animation playing on interaction, even though the player did not have enough chips - Fixed bug on weapon pickup which used to set the first inventory weapon as the current one - Fixed enemy overlap bug

Pimps vs Vampires - 0.1.5b
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