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"Nigthmare In School Trip" is a horror game inspired by Baldi, where you will find yourself in the middle of a forest, during a school outing, alone with the teacher who will force you to work in view of your results. There will be 7 exercises to complete, but be careful, the teacher has no mercy if there is only one mistake. The Books will be in wooden huts. To complete the exercises, enter the answer and click on "Enter". To help you complete them you will have available special items. CONTROLS: WASD/ZQSD: MOVE LEFT CLICK: Turn on the light RIGHT CLICK: Activate the rear camera SHIFT: RUN G: USE SPORTS SHOES CREDITS Game Developper: Krenium Studio (@ItsKezio) Voice-off: Z3N (@Z3NGame) Raichyan (@Raichyan76)

Nightmare In School Trip
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