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Full version. Doesn't require any of the hotfixes.

Native - Enhanced Edition v1.2
Kuroda-San - - 173 comments

wait....when did this updated???

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Kuroda-San - - 173 comments

in mod list it said last updated was 24 Nov, but here it said 10 Dec


is it bug? Glad I check in....downloading now :D

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THTSaHOLElotaW - - 2 comments

The Bounties sometimes bug out for me. If you pick up a quest from a tavern keeper and then go to the location and kill the bounty the quest doesnt end. I then can keep going into town and kill them over and over again. I dont know if it helps but it seems like it happens more frequently when the bounty reward is over 1000.

edit: oh i also have done over 20 bounties before this became almost completely bugged almost every quest doesnt complete now after so many bounties

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TheRaiderKing - - 3 comments

"This includes all the features described in the Taleworlds thread EXCEPT:
1. Any of the new factions
2. The invasion system
3. New troop trees for vanilla factions
4. New items except those added by Dickplomacy"

What does this mean? Does it mean some features have been removed in this version of the mod? Sorry if I sound ignorant and dumb but I really don't understand what those comments mean for the mod. I'd appreciate if anyone could enlighten me.

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HellishCreed - - 1 comments

4 problems I've had so far:

1.Appears to be scripting errors of some kind after I complete a quest or after a battle. (I can still completed the quest/battles and took the loot)
2. When I spoke to the prison guard in a town he gave the option to hand over prisoners, said he would pay 10 coin for 0 of em. Got stuck in that conversation making 10 coin with each click and couldn't leave.
3.The tournaments and fighting arenas are very...."weird".
4.When I tried to help a factions warband in the middle of attacking bandits I got -40 rep with them and they chased me after thanking me for the help.

I still love it though. Really has that native feel I was looking for.

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Petya122 - - 31 comments

Fix the Hungarian language when im creating a new character its on Turkish language

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Guest - - 699,244 comments

i dont have a viking conquest key, is this just for viking conquest?

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Kuroda-San - - 173 comments

its for the base game

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izeexes - - 2 comments

russian translate please

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