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Finally it's here. The Mr Utility prototype, featuring two levels, two weapons, and two enemies. The file is in a .zip format so you will have to extract it to play it. Please report all bugs and suggestions to us either via the comments here on Indie Db or send us an email. Also a little reminder, the screenshots between the levels are placeholders for actual cut scenes and the Hub World which we haven't released yet.

Mr Utility Prototype 0.1 - Windows

Okay, here are my thoughts:
- Very interesting game, has great potential! :D
- Puzzles aren't too difficult nor are they too hard, so good work
- You might want to adjust the running blue guys, they get right on your heels!
- A snap to camera option would be nice, I found myself constantly right clicking and rotating to the camera angle I needed at the time...
- I died from lava in one section, though when it came up with the option to retry and quit the quit button wouldn't work (rage-quit, I know xD)
- I played on Max Graphics and it ran smoothly! :D
- 1 last thing, the ability to change the key bindings would be nice

Overall, keep up the good work :D

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team_utility Author

Hello, thanks for the feedback! Greatly appreciated. About the Quit button, it's usually meant to take you back to the main menu, I forgot to remap the button to quit, for the demo. The Chargers(Blue Guys) are meant to get right up on your heels and make your life very difficult. There are certain areas that you can hide in, to make them stop chasing you. Could you elaborate on the camera snap option I didn't quite get what you meant.

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The camera has a snap option. If you click the right mouse button, the camera will snap to the back of the character. If you hold the right mouse button and drag, you can orbit the camera around the character.

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Ooooh, ok then thanks! Well that's good then :D

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Woops, was guest...

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